Monday, 25 November 2013

SSP Story Sneak Peek - The Beginning Of A Brief Affair

Well, this story is mine and it's just a way to test the Blog waters until I can gather some Author permissions before I post up some links to other stories...

This story came about after I started another Blog over at SSP called "Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned", where I had decided I was going to share up some of my adventures over the years - so "The Beginning Of A Brief Affair" was written, and here is just a snippet of the first of 4 parts to this little tale.

"The Beginning Of A Brief Affair"

It was one of those storms that came from nowhere and left behind fallen tress and flash flooding. We all raced in different directions, most went back to their cars and a couple headed for a large tree, but the Supervisor and I were further away and headed straight for a small shed nearby to try and find some shelter from the rain and wind. We were unable to speak to one another, as the heavy rain drowned out even our thoughts as it collided with the tin on the small storage shed.

Every now and then I felt his eyes watching me, only to flick away once I caught him. It took a little while for it to dawn on me that I was standing there with my wet clothes clinging to my body, hiding nothing from his gaze. I turned instantly trying to hide my embarrassment from him, and moved towards the opening of the shed. Surprised at my own shyness I tried to understand why I had turned from him, hadn’t I wanted him to see me like that, to feel his eyes on my flesh, wasn’t this the very moment I had been dreaming about these past few months?

Lost in my thoughts, I jumped the second I felt his fingers brush along the length of my arms before they came to rest on my shoulders. After what seemed like an eternity had passed, his lips softly grazed my neck as his arms came around to pull me closer to his body. At this very moment, there was no longer any denial to the attraction that was between us... See the Link for my SSP Story Of The Week to read the rest :)


A good few years ago, I stumbled upon what has now become my internet home away from home... a place where I have made some fantastic friends that now share my life in the 'real world', a place where everyone is welcome, a place where you can lose yourself in all manner of fantasies and erotic delights, a place where taboo is just a word,

Maybe later on down the track I will let you know how I discovered SexStoriesPost, and why I joined…. But for now I would like to just welcome you to my blog and tell you a little about a place I would like to share with you.

What is SexStoriesPost?

SexStoriesPost (SSP) are two sites, one for Erotic Stories only and the other for Stories, Pictures, Movies, Discussions, Personals and some Forum Games.

We have a few basic rules regarding story character ages, member ages, and a few with regards to site etiquette and the way we interact with fellow members. We want all members to feel that they can share their thoughts safely with others, and we want an environment that encourages open discussions with valued opinions.

Please Note: There are a few things that we do not allow, and that is Child Pornography in any form, as well as photos or videos depicting Bestiality.

I will add more about both the Story Site & the Forums, as well as SSP’s Numerous Sister Sites soon – but for now, Welcome to My SexStoriesPost Blog :)

April xoxox